The Business of… podcast features interviews with business owners, entrepreneurs and inspirational people from across the globe. 

S1 (series one) of The Business of… podcast focuses on an array of topics with some of the top business and life coach professionals from around the world.

Expect knowledge, laughter and tips for launching, growing and exiting your business from our first 14 30-minute episodes with Lee Broders LL.M kicking us off for S1 E1, set to release on 1 June 2023.

This is the first of 8 different series of this show that the Wizmedia team have been working on and will be sharing with you all in the coming months.

Get your ears ready and your brain in “soak up” mode as you hear us discuss personal growth, business growth, money, mentoring and more…







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The Business of podcast

This first series is sponsored by The Life Coaching Cafe. See our first six episodes coming up below and click the graphics to find out more about each guest: