Your marketing strategy doesn’t have to be set in stone but it needs to exist.

We will work with you to come up with a content plan and publishing schedule that speaks to your target audience on the platforms they are invested in. This includes deciding what content to craft, as well as where the content goes.

What are your target market thinking, feeling and doing? What will wake them up to your product or service and how can our content convert them into buyers?

We can answer these questions, together.

With expertise in copywriting, multi-media content creation and social media management, we can advise on appropriate content types for your audience and build a manageable content plan with you and your team.

We charge 3,800 DKK per day for marketing consulting work.

Book your complimentary consultation with company Founder Louisa, and let’s discover if Wizmedia is the right company to help you.

(By the way if you want some free tips on getting your marketing right, we suggest you listen to the show below for some complimentary knowledge on how to market for success.)